I Love Hello Fresh and Why You Should Too

In May 2017, I wanted to take charge of my health.

I was limited on a vehicle to go to the grocery store while because mine was in the shop.

Then, a friend of mine’s wife on Facebook had a free box to give away.

At that time I didn’t know where it was from, but as soon as I looked up Hellofresh, patiently waited for the order to ship, cooked, and then tasted, I was hooked.

I’m not a pork eater and was already limiting the amount of meat I eat, so I went straight to choosing the vegetable option.
Now mind you, my husband is not an avid vegetable eater like I am, so I was excited at the thought that a meal service for two (technically for four people due to the leftovers) will feed us and will also be deliciously nutritious.
I don’t always enjoy cooking so having already picked out meals for three days in a week was very convenient. Each of the recipes also takes no more than one hour to prep and make. That’s enough time to make it through any one of my energizing Spotify playlists. 

Here are things I like about it: 

  • Unique recipe ideas

    One of my biggest issues when it comes to cooking is thinking of recipes that are not so tiring to make, and that both of us will eat that will also be nutritious. That can get hard considering I do not like to cook that often and my husband is a picky eater.

  • Leftover ingredients

    You would think that the meal service would provide the exact amount needed, right? Nope, there’s always some small elements left over!  

Step by step recipe | I love Hellofresh | Zaakirah Nayyar
  • Step by step instructions

    The best chef is the one that can follow instructions? I think that’s how I’ve always learned how to cook! I love the step by step instructions that help me to make the meal properly, but knowing my creative self, I always end up improvising something.

  • All natural ingredients provided (except the oil and pans and utensils)

     I am team non-GMO and organic, so it’s fascinating to know the items are all natural and come from a farm in New York City that is also all natural. They even provide fact sheets along with the ingredient list for each meal.

Recyclable Bags | I Love Hellofresh | Zaakirah Nayyar
  • Recyclable bags

    As hard as it is to recycle in my current environment, I am still eco-conscious, so I like the fact that the option is there.

Lastly, one of my favorite things is that I’m always full but at the same time wanting more
All the while if it was any other meals with tons of carbs or salt or anything I shouldn’t be eating, I get easily fatigued. With these meals, I never feel so sleepy due to having ingredients that I should be eating.

If you would like to receive the recipes, they also provide them on their website per week.
To get started with Hellofresh, you will need to create an account and add your card information up front. No worries, you can also cancel your subscription and rejoin at any time. To receive your box the same week, make sure you select your order by that Monday at the latest.
I utilize it monthly as the price which includes shipping can sometimes be a bit much for our household. If you are looking for a  way to easily create a meal for a family of two or even five, then take advantage of this limited time link to get a discounted box.
If you choose to get this program, I will earn commission at no additional cost. As a result, you receive a discount on your first box!

I hope you enjoy and here’s to a healthier lifestyle! 

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