Why CoSchedule is the Next Big Thing

As I am close to building my dream of a digital marketing space, it is exciting to be almost there with finalizing my work process finally!
As a social media manager/marketer, I am always in tune to the latest.
Am I quick to use it myself? No, not exactly.
I have always been that way. It took about three people to tell me about Facebook before I finally joined it in 2007.
I heard all the buzz about Twitter, but it took my favorite male singer, Usher to convince me to join it as, initially a place where I can share all things music.
Instagram too. I don’t know what I was waiting for as I am a photographer. The same thing happened with CoSchedule.
By the time a client contacted me to give me update saying they are switching to CoSchedule, a light bulb went off in my head “I think it’s time I check it out.”
I haven’t turned back since!
Not long after that, I had the opportunity to complete a free course where I received another certification, this time in marketing strategy with CoSchedule. So here goes my likes and dislikes: 


I’m a visual person, so one of the best parts is the color coding for each different social media channel, or blog post or content type.

CoSchedule in Technicolor | Next Best Marketing Calendar | Zaakirah Nayyar

I also love that I can add an idea or thought - something that’s not even official and leave it in draft mode.

It allows me to be super organized - I feel like something is not official if it is not in my CoSchedule calendar

With CoSchedule, I found a solution to scheduling and rescheduling older blog posts without utilizing too much time on social media

There's more than one way to utilize the filter and organizing features in CoSchedule

I love the headline analyzer - it explains why some of my previous blog posts were not clicked worthy and helped me to get better social media posts into the world

Previously I was utilizing Colornote app or Evernote for my thoughts now it makes it so much easier to have everything all in one.   
This year, I started using Google Calendar to plan out my blog posts so that I can realistically achieve my goal of 120 blog posts this year. I previously would only add upcoming events to the calendar. It was not until this year that I started utilizing it for events that I want to happen and blocking off my most productive times of day (aka peak hours).

I can manage multiple social media client calendars (it’s an additional cost but worth it)

It connects with Wordpress. I will eventually be hosting a blog on Wordpress, so this will be seamless for me to edit, post, and schedule.

I can’t view individually detailed analytics without paying an additional fee
I can’t exactly edit my blog posts (grammar check and all) within and send it to my Squarespace site

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Because it is a relatively new program, there are some things that I want in there that are not there yet but I'm keeping the faith.

Like what you see? Use this link for a free trial! Tell me if you love it or hate it!
If you choose to take advantage of this service, I will earn a commission at no additional expense to you! I would not be telling you about this amazing service if I didn't trust it and believe in it myself!

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