2016 Blog Income Report

A trend that I have been seeing from my fellow bloggers is publicizing their blog income reports.

Completing my first full year blogging, I thought to do so too.

The reason why I choose to do it is to allow for accountability, keep track of growth, and it makes it easier for me to refer to when tax season comes around. This report is also being shared, for those who don’t believe that blogging can become a full-time job.

Note: This is solely blog expenses and income. This summary excludes any other photography/videography gigs or driving gigs, surveys, and other side gigs.


Became an unofficial ambassador with Innclusive and Black Bloggers United

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Hit 1000 on my Instagram

Hit 100 on my newly developed Facebook page, but now I am merging to convert my Instagram to a business page.

Income for 2016:


Paypal (Social Media Management) $2401.27

Square (Social Media Management): $3442.43

Square Cash (Social Media Management): $1094.05

Stripe (Social Media Management): $969.80

Total: $7907.55


Sponsorships: $106.21

Freelance Writing: $50

Adsense: $2.30

Shareaholic: $0.26

Consulting: $767.10

Total: $925.87


Squarespace: $240

G Suite Email: $60

Dropbox: $99

Bluehost Domain & Hosting: $55.67

Hootsuite Scheduling: $179.88

Canva: $131.40

Square Fees: $121.53

Stock Images: $8

Pinterest Marketing: $79

Paypal Fees: $70.27

Stripe Fees: $30.20

Payments Sent (Assistants): $650

Total: $1724.95

Sometimes it got to be too hard, so I called on my fellow blogger boos to take over for me for a couple of months, so I can get my mental, emotional, and physical health straight

I paid for hosting all year long, not realizing that I didn’t need it because Squarespace hosts everything for you! What a waste! But a huge lesson learned.

Even though I began social media managing before launching my travel blog June 2015, it wasn’t until I started incorporating it as another source of income, that I began getting more clients. I do eventually want to open my boutique agency that’s an all in one, including social media, but so far I will begin 2017 with 6 Clients.

As you can tell from a few coins I received from ads, it’s embarrassing, haha, but I know that I will get a minimum of $20 in advertising next year. That way I can use the money for gas or pay my internet bill.

Want to learn how you can do it too?

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 2016 Blog Income Report | Zaakirah Nayyar

2016 Blog Income Report | Zaakirah Nayyar