Why Convertkit is the Best for Email Marketing

Convertkit is the best email marketing platform in my honest opinion. Its motto is the power of Infusionsoft, the simplicity of MailChimp.

Let’s break down why:

I previously converted from Mailchimp.

That was my first emailing platform for over two years, and it worked well for me.

Especially since I never got to 2,000 subscribers, so it remained free.

Because one of my goals is to have more than 2,000 subscribers, I knew I needed to switch.

This is where Convertkit comes in.

The part where it no longer worked for me was when I became busy with managing social media clients, and had no time to automate an email when I did get new subscribers, or when I finally decided on an incentive product for readers.

Come, February 2017, a blogger named Helene In Between had posted a fantastic blog post that caused me to sign up for her email list.

The same month, I get an email from Melyssa Griffin about this webinar series that she was hosting. Considering this was the second time I heard about ConvertkitI joined. I learned. And I converted. The free trial is what won me over.

As of today, I know that an email list is the next big thing. It technically didn’t go anywhere, but it’s now resurfacing. Everybody need an email list! As a result, I converted my Mailchimp subscription list and split them into different tags - one for blog readers, another for photography readers.

Why Convertkit is the best for email marketing | Zaakirah Nayyar

So while I am on the journey to sending more personal and connecting emails, here is what I like and don’t like about Convertkit:

  • I like that it’s easy to use! At first, I would get confused but once watching their many tutorial videos and reading their help guides, I got the gist of it in no time!

  • I like that there is no mandatory posting at the bottom of each email that says who the email provider is (aren’t those annoying sometimes?)

  • I like that I can choose how I want my emails to look (entirely text with only a header, gifs, headlines, images, etc.)

  • I like that I can see who subscribed and when; that analytics are important to me.

  • I like that I can see my subscribers by day - it motivates me to do more when there’s no one subscribing on a day.

  • I like that I can create embeddable forms to convert my readers into becoming email list subscribers (p.s. subscribe below to receive more blog posts like this from me in your inbox!).

  • I can create automation. With Mailchimp, before May 2017, I would have needed to pay an additional price for it.

  • They integrate with so many apps that make blogging life so much easier!

  • Did I mention it’s so simple to use?!

  • They have a Slack Community as their customer service. Not just customer service but it allows us to communicate with other bloggers as well.

I don't like that:

They don’t have a better RSS Feed - I could customize Mailchimp’s to include multiple blogs and have a standard header and include an image or two. But I am confident they are working on that.

Aside from the free trial, nothing is free. You're paying for everything all-in-one, only month-to-month, no matter how many subscribers you have. That took some getting used to.

There are not that many things I do not like. If I don’t like it, there’s a way around it, or it has been brought up with customer service and is soon to come in the future.


There you have it! This isn’t even half the list, but I hope it gives you a great impression of Convertkit. Even though I am a blogger as mentioned earlier, any Infusionsoft user can and does use it. Just like Pat Flynn said, he's a small business owner, and he loves it!

Want to try it out? Use this link for a free 30-day trial! The price is worth it!

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