It’s My Second Blogiversary! Mid Year Accomplishments

It’s my Second blogiversary (blog anniversary)! Today makes two years since I clicked publish and purchased my domain. It's been a challenge to be consistent, but I am grateful to still be a resource and inspiration to others! If you look at last year’s blogiversary post, I highlighted some of my accomplishments and goals. 

Let’s see which ones carried over to this year:

If you check out my end of year blog post, you will see that I set a goal for myself to write 120 posts.
I have written 28 blog posts so far. By the end of the year, I will have reached 120. 
I began a Monthly Guest Interview Series (with the exception of once a week all the month of June)
To view the rest of my goals be sure to take a look at my blog post.

Learn more about why I started this blog.

Because I do want to make blogging a full-time income eventually, I have been working on my own social media growth as often as possible.
I achieved:
1200+ Instagram Followers
6000+ Twitter Followers
1800+ FaceBook Followers with another 1070+ Facebook Friends
100+ Pinterest Followers
These goals I wrote down and accomplished! The power of planning, strategizing, and speaking it into existence!

I was featured in Barristourista (mentioned in end of year review but not my last blogiversary post)

Traveled to Germany

Went to South Africa

Lush Greenlands of Durban 🌳

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That checks off two countries more on my 30 countries by age 30 travel list.

I earned $5000 in social media management, however, by the end of 2017, I will not be including that in my income reports as they will become separate from the blog, due to creating an agency.

I look forward to pitching more! My goal is to get at least one guest sponsored post.

I look forward to updating you in December 2017 along with my annual blog income report.

I am looking ahead to the fifth anniversary and many more anniversaries to come!

Most importantly, thank you for reading! Whether you have been here since year one or before year two, I hope to have still your support years to come!

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