Hello! :)


So yesterday, was a very accomplishing day!

It was the last day at the school!
I taught my stage one (grade one) class how to write a letter (to me) and I got through with teaching them A-N of the American Sign Language Alphabet.
One memorable moment for me is that one of my favorite students, gave me a photo of her and her sister for me to keep!
And another one of my favorite students shyly said to me “I love you so much.” He is the oldest in the class, and the only 10 year old in the class, and I picked him out because he is a very interesting being. And it touched my heart to know that he cares for me just like I care for him!

After class, there was game day. So we walked about a mile to an empty field with goal posts for soccer (football). The first activity was a sprinting race, boys and female teachers raced. I won the race against the other three female teachers! That was such a good feeling! Felt like my track and field days all over again! :)

After that i played a game of Hamasi (I think that’s how you spell it). It’s a game like Rock, paper Scissors, but with your legs; you have to not meet feet, choose the opposite leg to put out. I like it better than Rock paper scissors.

After I left school, I ate out at a restaurant with two of my male group members, that I personally think had the best music–R&B and Reggae. They even played songs that I haven’t heard in a while (Have you Seen her-donnell jones; always on my mind-daville ft. sean paul) and it even played the song that I had in my head earlier that morning (double up-r.kelly). It was like they took the music from my ipod! But the food was really good too: Chicken, fried rice, and cole slaw (Who puts ketchup on cole slaw??)

And then I went souvenir shopping! Got a couple of things for me, and a couple of things for my mom! :)
And the group had a Friday fun night–we all played truth or dare. :)

Today, was supposed to be an inn day, but instead, the group members went to Elmina, for the Elmina festival and for some fun, and I was taken out of the house with my group leader and we ate out and shopped around a little bit.
Oh well, maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. :)

But I am now figuring out who’s who!
The family that we are staying with…is the landlord (person who owns the house) his wife, and 3 children: two daughters and one baby boy (the one that has THE CUTEST SMILE EVER, and who also never smiles).
The next door neighbors are the family of about 6 boys, who are all so silly, yet so mannerable. My favorite is the second oldest. :)

But being around them daily, makes me want to child proof the house when I get back home in the U.S. I want more 4-12 year olds around me. :)
But I also feel really techy savvy around them…because today three of the brothers were sitting on the couch around me, playing games…either on my local phone, on my ipod, or on my Android phone. lol.

So, more things that I learned:
Even though in books they say there is religious freedom in Ghana, you can be of any religion you want…I don’t think that’s entirely true because everywhere I go, there are christian names of shops, and I still feel a little pressure as a Muslim. But at least people are educated about every religion in their area.

So today I saw a funeral car…you know the car that carries the dead bodies for funerals? But it was a Mercedes Benz car! I thought that was interesting!

And, I have not mentioned that we have no mirrors at the house.
I am fine with that though, because I don’t look at myself in the mirror that often, but it is a bit unusual, because I am used to mirrors being accessible, so when I do see myself in a mirror, for example the rearview of a taxi, or the reflective glass in this internet cafe, I always say “Well, hello, me! It’s nice to see you!”

Ok well that’s all for now!
I will update you later!