3 Ideas for a Couple's Staycation

My husband is not a traveler, unlike me who will jump at the chance to plan a trip away. However, he does get excited about getting to visit a new place!

So for anniversaries, holidays, special occasions or on random date night, I try to get out to go someplace that we have not been to, together, that is also local.

If I manage to pull off the surprise on a day when he is in a good mood, it can be quite memorable.

So here are the places where we have been together that is less than 500 miles away (by car) from our resident state of Tennessee.

Chattanooga - Riverwalk/Walnut Street Bridge - We ate at Red Robin

Nashville - Pedestrian Bridge, home of Music City and tons of American food, we ate at Joe’s Crab Shack


Atlanta - For African food and the chance to attend an African Music Concert and of course the MLK Memorial. Even though it’s in Georgia, it’s still less than 200 miles. If you live in small states like Maryland or New Jersey, you can visit the next closest state for a day trip.

Bonus: Etowah/Athens Tennessee.

Hubby’s first home after The Gambia. Despite currently living in the Nashville area, we were able to get out and explore nature; we also got to eat out at Cracker Barrel.

So there you have it! You can start by visiting your state’s government website or Facebook page for tips on finding things to do that you may not have even thought about exploring with your significant other. Also, not sure if you noticed, but the places where we ate are also all low budgeted.

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