Mango Airlines Flight Review

It was my first time flying with Mango Airlines from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I heard quite a few experiences of it.

Some say it was the Spirit Airlines (American low-cost Airline) of South Africa due to it being low-cost and nit-picky. But it wasn’t all bad. Read on for the pros and cons:

The things I did like:

Excellent customer service - I didn’t get there on time or at the suggested amount of time, due to there being a long line for check in, luckily I did not have any issues getting onto the plane I checked in.

I was allowed one free bag to check - Despite being team carry on most of my trip, because my bag was overweight and I didn’t exactly have a replacement (only an extra backpack to place my electronics in), at least they didn’t charge for that.

The seats was pretty comfortable - despite being expectedly small, I wasn’t squirming in the seat itching to get up midway through the flight     

I like the color of the airplane; it had a very vibrant feel to it

They had an interesting magazine - yes I read them - there was a time where I was even considering what magazine would I be able to photograph.

They care about their passengers - I had a mishap with my hearing aids. I was so nervous about who to ask and how to go about it - I was in the window seat sitting next to two older Caucasian ladies and didn't wanna make them move. Thankfully when I pressed the button they sent me to the back - it was then that all ladies assisted me - I felt safe when they closed the curtain to help me. I felt better once the solution resolved.

The things I did not like:

Turbulence was awful! Something about the low-cost airlines not having as much power or something to protect us from turbulence.

They did charge for everything including water, which is understandable why almost no one near me on the flight ordered anything.
However, I did notice almost everyone ordered food from the airport (South Africa is known for its multiple choices of delicious food)

So if you’re looking for a way to travel in between cities in South Africa for less than $100 USD, Mango Airlines is the way to go - if you forget the name of them, just think of the fruity orange airline. 

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