Why You Should Join a Travel Community

I’ve been asked how do I do what I do. I've been told that I am inspiring with the fact that I am able to travel to all these places. I will say that it did not just come out of nowhere. I too needed some inspiration from others.

Enter, Facebook and Travel Community Groups. Here are my five favorites:

TNDistrict was a product of the urban travel website, Travel Noire, with ages ranging from 18-50, men, women, single, married, with and without children with all kinds of jobs and careers. We all shared one thing: An open-minded passion for traveling, everywhere and anywhere, not just internationally. Before the group closed, for reasons not disclosed, I felt like I made so much progress in my life and felt closer to my dreams with all the inspiration received from this amazing community! This community helped me to gain the idea and motivation to start my photography newsletter course. This group helped me to realize why I should become a travel blogger considering the countries I have been to and the experiences, stories, and photos I have and the ones I have yet to share. I’ve even gotten to meet some of the members and have brunch together (hence the group photo taken above). Bet you wouldn’t know that this group of people been to many places in the world, would you?

Most of us moved on to the next Slack group called Driftr Travels. There are groups that can help you plan out that U.S. road trip you have always dreamed of taking or even to find a group to meet up with at a music festival like I did! It’s truly an amazing and inspiring place to be. I communicate with them a lot more than I do with my people on Facebook, simply because we have a lot more in common! The conversations stay lit!

The ironic thing I learned was that a lot of these travelers are originally Nomadness members. I heard so much about Nomadness but I just was not sure what that was. I am glad I did not sleep on it too long because I would not have met at least five people on my first solo trip to South Africa, who are all a part of this family by choice. As a result of Nomadness, I was also able to form business relationships. One social media client, Griots Republic, was a result of introducing myself, but also partly due to Nomadness. Another partnership developed with, Sxocial, who also became a social media assistant twice. 

Another one of the travel groups, Black Adventuristas, I was featured on their blog.

Another one of my favorites is Up in The Air Life. Although I am not entirely about the luxury life that it represents, I love the vibe of the Facebook group nonetheless and their amazingly curated events.

As a bonus, once I really started taking blogging seriously, I was lead to Black Travel Bloggers Chronicles. I learn so much from them - especially one of the group admins, who also happens to be a photographer, on a mission to see every country in the world!

So anything can happen when you put yourself out there! 

If you are ready to bring out the inner traveler in you and overcome your fears of “How will I be treated because of the current situation in America?”, or “How can I go if I don’t have any money?” Then this is your first step to facing your fear!

The best thing is four of the groups mentioned are FREE! The end result are new friends, lifelong memories, and great, new travels! 

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