My Favorite Female Travel Bloggers to Date

We all have our favorite blog sites.

You know the ones you are eager to see a new post from on your Facebook feed or your RSS subscription? Well, these are some of my top five favorite traveling bloggers and five reasons why I like them.

Gloria - a photographer and graphic design by study, she knows how to make you want to visit the places she is currently visiting, all while sharing the good, the bad the ugly, in the most humorous tone.

Oneika - As a Canadian (you wouldn’t notice due to her bubbly personality) she has earned a living while traveling as an English as a second language teacher. Despite studying journalism, she continues teaching and educating in her blog as she documents and recaps her visit to over 90 countries. Inspiring right?

Rachel - As a woman who was dominating the corporate world, that wasn’t enough, so she decided to take those skills and teach, consult, and guide people of color about budget travel and turn it into a blogging brand of her own.

Roni - despite traveling for 30 years, she is travel; from being a tour guide, ramp agent, living abroad and speaking multiple languages, she now shares all she knows about travel on her blog.

Nadeen - Doctor by day and traveler on her off days while also a wife to a world traveler. She loves the luxury life and shares her trips in an in-depth guide's format day by day bit by bit.

Not only am I personally connected with these amazing ladies on Facebook, but I also love the way they designed and laid out their blogs.

Most importantly I love their detailed and personalized blog posts.

Each has their unique voice, but they all share one thing: telling the nitty gritty of traveling, mostly solo.

They were my source of inspirations when first beginning travel blogging.

To this day they are still my sources of inspirations as they travel to locations that are either on my bucket list or added as I visit 30 countries before age 30. I hope they will be yours too!

Although this was not the case a few years ago, now there are a ton of writers to choose! These five ladies are the ones that resonate with me the most.

Who are your top five?
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