How to Find The Best Car Seat For a Road Trip

This is a sponsored post but I would not be sharing my opinion if it was not my own.

As an auntie, I am constantly on the road. 

The more I drive, the more I learn. 
Sometimes I don’t know everything.
Truth be told, sometimes moms don’t know everything.
We switch cars often for pick up duty, and cars vary as far as that extra seat belt safety. 
Trial by error is how I usually learn but I thank goodness for

I am a new auntie to a beautiful little boy. One of the most confusing things about my sister and her husband’s new car seat was the latch. I wish I had these amazing videos to refer to before learning by mistake.

At some point in my life, I will be utilizing the things I learn for my own child. I thank goodness for the opportunity to share my experience with you here. 

Here is a video of safety tips to use for any car seat.

Although I am a Nissan Altima driver, my dream car is a Lexus.
The more I use a car seat in my car, the more I want even more comfortability when it comes to having a newer car with better technology and gas mileage.
It’s also important to me that my parents have a lot of leg room when we have road trips. That’s something I feel only an SUV can do.

I keep up to date with all trends in relation to my dream car thanks to

How to Find The Best Car Seat For a Road Trip has very informative articles. They also have extensive videos. I love that I am able to easily compare models for figuring out which one I really want.

I wish was available when I was searching for a car the first time around. But I have no fear because I know which site is the first one I get alerts for in regards to my dream car.

Research is one of the most important things with finding the best car. I learned this at a young age, thanks to my mom. As a result, I’ve had my Nissan Altima for seven years. It’s been on many roads trips.

Anything can happen on the highway. Making sure baby is safe in the car seat is the key. 

I hope these tips were helpful. Are there any others that you would add? Leave a comment below.

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