Travel and Technology go hand in hand nowadays. As a blogger, businesswoman and world traveler it's always great to save money and make things easier. Here are my top picks for the tools you should use whether on your trip or in order to prepare for your trip 

Want to start a blog to document your travels?

Well in case you did not know, you need a domain. Where's the best place to get a domain? Bluehost! I currently use Bluehost and it's cheapest!
I personally love Squarespace's modern and easy to use designs. 
Squarespace has a discount code if you would like to go with an annual plan after your 14 day trial.


Save 10% on any annual plan.

If you choose not to go with Squarespace, you will need a hosting site as well as a domain for Wordpress. Bluhost can solve those issues for you!

Want to save notes for your blog or your packing list? on the go no matter where you are or what device you are using? Then check out Evernote. The simplest and convenient note taking app ever! This is perfect for those early mornings or late night inspirations, thoughts or to-do lists that come to you before you forget.

While you are typing up your first few blog posts, should you decide to start a blog, it is essential to check your grammar. It's not humanly possible to get it right every single time and it doesn't hurt to check. As much as I love English and tend to be a grammar freak, I am not perfect. That's why I review my blog and social media posts in Grammarly, before I post it. Grammarly is helpful with showing me where I forgot my commas, where to capitalize, and if I used too much slang in one sentence, for example. You should try it! It's free and convenient to include in your browser extension. You get one week free of the advanced editor on behalf of me! Learn more here.

Now once you've gotten your blog set up, you have to get paid somehow right? Whether you are asking for donation or providing a service of your expertise (life consulting, maybe?) You should use Square Cash! I personally love this app because it doesn't take as many fees as Paypal, but also, you can get the cash directly into your account, unlike Paypal which is the typical 3-5 business days. It's even easier to tell between friends and family that also use it by the appearance of a cashtag near their name. So, give it a try!

Want to save money for your travels but not sure where to start? 
Start with Digit! The only program that's not only an app that automatically saves money that you barely even notice being deducted from your account, but they send you daily, sometimes funny texts with your checking and savings account balances and recent transactions!. I no longer have to check my bank's app regularly! Trust me, it's safe, otherwise I would not be using it however, I do understand it is not for everyone! Learn more about Digit here.

Do you do a lot of online shopping? I don't. But when I do, I make sure to activate Ebates. Ebates is an online cash back program. This works best if you love buying clothing items or luggages for example.It gives you money back for choosing to shop online. It does not always work if you like to buy online then pick up at the store. Read more here

You do a lot of grocery shopping right? Well it doesn't have to be expensive! Use the Ibotta app on your phone to discover discounts and coupons for the items you buy regularly! The easiest way is to save money is to link your already used rewards card for grocery stores and watch the earnings add up! After you have accumulated $20, you can then transfer it to your account for an instant transfer. How cool is that? That is $20 towards your next travel funds! Get started or learn more here.

With Recent Conversations about Uber not standing up for people of color, Lyft has earned a more popular name for itself after donating $1 Million to ACLU. I enjoy driving for them as extra side income. You can too by clicking here.They truly do care about their drivers. I receive weekly emails for the highest paying driving days. They even sent a cute video email for my birthday. if you would rather just use it as an alternative to your commute, then click here to get $15 off your first ride ever.

You have to get around when you travel, correct? Well Uber is truly the go-to, especially overseas! I enjoyed my experience with using it throughout my trip in South Africa! Sign up to be a rider here. Wanna make extra money by driving? You must have at least a 2008 vehicle! Click here!

Want to book accommodations, cheaply? Use Airbnb!  If you see this blog post here, I have stayed in a total of five of them and have loved every single one of them. Every single one of them allows me to save money on food, with a fridge full of (organic) options and be among great people with great personalities! Explore more here.

Disclosure: This page features affiliate links; this is the way for me to earn income by helping you with recommendations of the things I love! Should you choose to make a purchase, I earn commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!