How My Mother Inspired My International Travels

Growing up, I always went on road trips with both my mother and my father. 
Despite the many travels up and down the east coast, I never once thought about going outside of the country. Until one day in high school, everything changed, thanks to my mother.

I grew up on National Geographic magazines, Aramco Magazine, and later, Afar Magazine. All the beautiful places seemed so far away and only existed in a dream. My mom then introduced me to maps of the world. My next concern became about my insecurities with wearing hearing aids and being in loud environments all alone.

However,  it wasn’t until I arrived into my first international country that those fears and thoughts completely disappeared.
As a Sagittarius, I naturally have a wanderer’s lust when it comes to traveling.
There’s an organization called Global Explorers.  In high school, I traveled to Costa Rica with a group of students who were deaf, hearing impaired, or studying sign language.

I felt comfortable with the company, as well as my mom. Considering it was my first trip, they had people back at their home offices to answer the phone to reassure her that I am okay and that I arrived safely.
One international trip sparked my interest for seeing the rest of the world. I remember the moment to this day: I was on a bus people watching where I said to myself, "I can’t wait to see the other beautiful people of the world."

So you’re maybe wondering, where her picture is right?
We can never agree on a picture. Ones that I like of her, she doesn’t like. The images she likes, I don’t care for.
My mama is so humble after I would compliment her on an outfit, only recently would she casually say “Wanna Take My Pic?”

I chose to make this post about my mother, because again if it wasn’t for her seeing and lighting the fire that was in me all along, who knows if I would have even met my husband yet alone experience the many experiences I have in this journey called life.

Dear Mama:
When I make it big time, I will take you to Comoros Island.

As quoted from two of my favorite rappers:
“There's no way I can pay you back, but the plan
Is to show you that I understand...”
“All of the things you do
I can never repay you.”

Do you have a mother or mother figure that inspired you to travel?
Share your story with me - I love to read them. Prefer to email me? Go for it.

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