Aspire to Inspire Black Traveler Interview Series

The purpose of this monthly interview series is to highlight traveling, Black business women and entrepreneurs who are doing amazing things in life.  The similarity? All have been to at least five countries and are under age 35. Some have participated in the 30 countries/states by age 30 travel challenge. Learn more and get inspired!


Dr. Adrianne Pinkney

This year I began my Aspire to Inspire Interview Series. It is such an honor for my first guest to be someone I befriended on a volunteer trip we took to Ghana in 2011! We have been close ever since! I am so proud of her and I commend her on her journey! Read the interview to get to know my friend, Dr. Adrianne Pinkney!

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Charisse of Surviving on a Shoestring

Charisse is the creator and key content curator for Surviving on a Shoestring. As the daughter of 2 Barbadian immigrants, she has been traveling since the age of 6 months to visit family.


Joanna of

Joanna is the founder of, a lifestyle blog covering travel, culture, beauty, style and more. 


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Danielle of Two or More

Born in New York City, despite growing up in Belgium, she's also Jewish and Jamaican. She is currently working on a book and recently started sharing shorter pieces of writing via her blog, Two or More.


Tiffany Heard of Sweet Tiffy's

A Los Angeles Native, during the day she is a Social Worker. She started a travel blog called Sweet Tiffy's Inspirations where she writes about her domestic and international travels. Also, a lover of acting, she has been in several stage plays.

Full Interview Coming Soon


Gloria A. of The Blog Abroad

Gloria has a colorful imagination. She was a girl who never desired to travel and turned into a full-time nomad, finding a way to fund and support a lifestyle that enables her to travel around the world. She booked a one-way ticket to Europe after graduating college in 2013, and has been to over 45 countries across 5 continents since. 

Full Interview Coming Soon!