Wow! I am really enjoying myself!
Even though we aren’t getting to make as much of an impact as volunteers as we hoped, it still feels good for me to be going with the flow, and doing even the small things.

When I went back to the school yesterday, and went back to my classroom, I got so much love! A good number of the children ran to me to hug me!
And even the teachers were happy to see me!

But last week was examinations, the end of the term.
And while I’ve been there, I’ve gotten to help with grading, and filling out the percentages and scores for the report cards…and even though the students are going to be promoted…the scores are what we would considered failing…
And the blame is on the kids….saying that they are “lazy”.
That is nowhere near true. All of my group members agree that we have seen the eagerness to learn and the intelligence these children have!
They just don’t have the right teachers…and the right at home support.

I did teach my stage one class the entire American Sign Language alphabet yesterday!
They actually wanted to learn. And did so well with remembering!

And today, this cute Kindergartener wanted to hold my finger and follow wherever I went during lunch! I had to photograph her!

But I see that all of us group members have lost weight. I mostly see it at their shoulders. As far as me, my legs feel very toned! And today, I stood next to the teacher of my stage one class, and he is 6'3", and I was almost at his shoulder. It could’ve been my shoes, but I still felt tall that day, when I got up from my seat. That would be cool if I grew!

But I am ready for these next three weeks and weekends. I’m trying to hang out with the people I’ve met so far, one more time before I depart.
And still work on accomplishing more goals, for example getting more portraits and lifestyle photos. I’ve gotten a good number of photos of places and items, but I want more people. I also have a lot of good personal, storytelling photos, but I’m still looking for more for my portfolio. I feel myself get shy sometimes to bring my camera out, because I know there will be all eyes on me, and a lot of questions being asked, the most common one being, can you take a photo of me and can I have one for myself?
I’m not trying to commit to doing that.
So I find myself using my camera phone to take “touristy” pictures, instead of having my DSLR camera on my shoulder to avoid not making it look like something big!

But 20 more days in Ghana!

I’ll update you later!