What an Adventure!

Heyyy….My long and detailed blog came back! Lol…well I’m just going to let you read it! Leave it where I left off!

So The past couple of days have been some fun ones, but crazy ones!

Sunday I went to Accra with two group members with the intention of picking up the package that my mother sent to me. It was sent via Fedex, and because it was highly insured, I had to travel to Accra, to claim it (Accra is two and a half hours away from Kakumdo) So we took a bus. It was my first time on the bus; it wasn’t that bad, just a lot of traffic, so we didn’t get there in enough time to be able to take the bus back, because a Ghanaian told us that it is not a good idea to travel back at night. So we got to the airport (which is where I thought the package place was) and they said it’s not here, it’s a place called Aviance down the street and it is open 8am on Monday. So one group member reserved a hotel room for us, and then we went to hang out at the Accra mall, the newest and the only mall in Accra!

We were in heaven! We ate pizza and had ice cream (Dairyyy!) We then went to the store and they had cheese and lots of other great foods that we’ve been missing out on! It was like we had a taste of America for a moment. It was so ethnically diverse too–appealing to my eyes!! :D
At the bookstore there, I finally bought a Ghanaian music CD (It’s called Hits of Ghana Vol 2—haha!) Anddd, while I was there, first off, I will say that American music is very familiar here, as there were even CDs that I was wanting to get a while back! My favorite artists too!
But, I also met a deaf person! I was looking at a Kim Waters CD (Because I’ve never seen what he looks like as much as I love his music) and he began signing to me about how great Kim Waters is! haha!
We exchanged numbers and just meeting each other made both of our days! So happy to have met someone else who I can practice my sign language with!
After this, we went to watch a movie at the movie theater they had upstairs, we saw X Men-First Class. I thought it was a really interesting movie to be a pre quel. I loved how they incorporated history (WWII-Russia vs. U.S.). And it was a great idea to have a new cast. I loved seeing Hugh Jackman in it for a hot minute! Looking forward to going to the movie theater in Accra again before I depart!

But it was a great time away from the usual!