We made it to the North!

So my group leader and I found an internet cafe here in the town of Damongo–the only town in the area that is not fasting. It is sooo expensive compared to what we were used to in southern Ghana, but it’s worth it.
We are staying at Savannah Lodge, which is owned by a muslim family, in the town of Larabanga, which is entirely muslim. Ramadan has begun and the whole town is fasting! I have never been in an entirely islamic area, and it is quite different. Everything shuts down, specifically any food marts and places. I don’t know if it is just because Ramadan is going on or if the town is really like this, but there is nothing to do!
For those who can recognize that I am a muslim ask me why I’m not fasting. My answer everytime is because I’m traveling.
We’ve been to Mole National Park which is 10 minutes away. We saw elephants and baboons and I got lots of pictures! It was so great to finally see them! But the cool thing was, we were walking amongst them. Only staying about 100 feet or so away. It was definitely unlike any other National Park I’ve been to. And it was so great to be around African green as I call it–all the natural trees of different shapes and sizes and shades of green! SO beautiful!
The good thing about Larabanga is that it is peacefull! Compared to all the noise pollution we were used to down south, it is very peaceful here. There are unfortunately a lot more bugs. The first night in the lodge, I had a bit of a problem with them….and my rooming groupmates had a huge laugh out of it!
There is a huge difference between the north and the south of Ghana.
When we visited the Larabanga mosque, we got a brief history on why it was split up (war). The mosque is interestingly built (made of dried mud, and has wooden sticks in it to keep it standing, and it’s small–have to duck in to enter)

But here, life is a bit more simple…but things are more spread out…not as accessible, for example water and food. The family gets up before dawn to go to a  well to get the water. And there are lots of motorcycles and bikes. The travel for food is about 20-30 minutes away depending on the weather and road conditions.
But it is sooo much hotter up here! I’ve been dripping sweat just by walking a mile–not normal. But I think the good thing is that my skin is clear because of all this sweat, and I’m sweating off calories.
But there was a huge storm this morning. I was startled awake. I heard myself say s***! and sat right up! It was superbly windy. With tornado-like winds. Sounded like the house would blow apart. And then it was heavy, heavy, heavy rain. But it finished in a couple of hours. And everything dried up. That was still scary though.

We are here until Friday, and then we are heading to Accra! Yay! Counting down the days til departure–5 more days!
But transportation is quite a trip here. We have stopped in Kumasi, Tamale from Cape Coast, before making it to Larabanga and it has taken two days. The lines for bus tickets are like stampedes!
But the road to Larabanga/Mole is REALLY rough. Bumpy the ENTIRE way (7 hours). I have a bumpy trip survival guide!

Time is up!

Until next time…