This is it!

This is the last weekend in Kakumdo! Our official last day here is Thursday! We leave early Friday morning to head up to Volta, Tamale, Mole, Larabanga area of Ghana for our travel week before we head back down to Accra to depart on August 8th!
We celebrated a group member’s birthday yesterday by going out to eat at the Castle Beach Restaurant by Cape Coast Castle. She had her favorite: pineapple and ham pizza, with pineapple rum. And afterwards we went to Oasis, which is the hangout spot for “Americans”. There were so many Caucasians there, I was wondering where they had been hiding! But by looking at their faces, I can tell who is European, and who is American, and there were a lot more Europeans there. There was an African dance performance, which was really cool because they had some mad skills, standing on top of each other’s heads and whatnot.
Then the group went to Elmina afterwards, but I headed home, because I was really tired and was not up for dancing, all the noise, and talking to people through the noise, so I was a party pooper and went home to sleep-I do feel rested though!
Today I’m going to Cape Coast to buy school supplies and gifts for the children I’ve met here, and visit a few of the people I’ve met here for a last time. And tomorrow I’m going to hang out with another friend, for the last time. All week, I’m going to be hanging with the people I’ve befriended here…for the last time. On Thursday, hopefully we will get to meet up, but a close, close friend of mine was traveling to Ghana this week and next, and she’s coming to Cape Coast Thursday, so hopefully I can be her tourist!
Yesterday I also got to visit the Islamic Community! I have walked past it all this time, but didn’t know that all I had to do was walk further down the streets! Thanks to the Muslim friend of mine that showed me this!
I also got to take a group photograph of my stage one class! It is my new wallpaper on my Android! :)
I also wore the skirt that I got made while here, and everyone loves it! After getting clothing tailored for the first time, I now have a better understanding and appreciation for the fashion industry–the skills, time, and patience needed for it.

I think I’ve also officially concluded that the ipod’s touch sensor, connects with the nerves in the finger that go through to the brain, to read your mind, and play the song(s) that you were thinking about hearing! lol! Cuz it’s happened to me a lot while I’ve been here!

I miss my bed and I miss my room!

But, that is all for now!
I’ll update you soon!