The Last Few Days!

Today was the last day of school! This was a no uniform day and early release!
Some of the children were dressed really nicely! And I didn’t know the school had a t-shirt! Most students wore that shirt today! I also got to get a lot of final photos!
There was a little assembly saying thank you and goodbye to all the volunteers, teachers, administration, and students. My favorite part of it was the opportunity for the teachers and children to come up to us at the end and either hug us or give us a handshake. The teachers did both, but the students crowded us with hugs! I’ve never felt so much love from so many children at once! It was a great feeling and a great memory! There’s this one little girl, who is so cuddly, who I’m so glad I got to see and get a final hug from. (Her picture is below, she is the one in front!) It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to hold a young child in my arms. Also, the three year olds here act like and look like three year olds, compared to the ones in the U.S. who seem like they are five. It’s a good thing, but that’s just the differences in each country that I’ve noticed.

Now begins the last couple of days in Kakumdo! I’ve seen all of the people I wanted to see for the last time, so I just plan on staying in and chilling, preparing for what is supposed to be the most trying week of the whole trip.
I did a practice packing yesterday! And my luggage is lighter than when I arrived, which is a good thing since we’ll be traveling on public transportation during travel week–but the only downside is that I have two pieces of luggage more than the rest of my group members, so I’m going to be the one struggling the most, but I will make it–tough girl over here! But definitely lesson learned on why to pack light for a long trip.
I also plan on giving away a couple of the books I brought with me, and a couple of clothing items. The cool thing is that I’ll be bringing clothing back! Below is a picture of me and the volunteer who was volunteering with me in the stage one class, in our custom tailored skirts!
Today I saw the lovely lady from New York that I met earlier this week, and I got her organization name! It is Wings of Art. The blog site is: Check it out!

I miss my bed! I think my sleeping mat is deflating on me! It’s not as “pumped” as it was a month ago. I miss my bed! But, the good thing about sleeping low is that I have an appreciation for having a simple place to sleep, like most of the Ghanians here. My bed at home has two mattresses, a headboard, is high up and with a canopy! lol! Makes me want to sleep more simple when I return home.

I’m seeing growth in my group members–the photos I’ve taken prove it too!
I’ve also seen growth in the 9month old baby we are living with–the one with the cutest smile. He’s walking, but babbling, but knows how to cry just to get the attention he wants, and food. lol. But he is getting taller. I also saw my stage one students getting taller too. There’s a good thing about being here for a month and a half–get to see changes. Like the changes in taxi prices–when we first got here, we were spending C1-3 (cedis-dollars), but lately we’ve been getting around for 40-90 patswas (Cents).

I will blog on Saturday for the last time before my departure for central Ghana around 5am Sunday!
Update you soon!