The Final Day

Today is the day we depart for the United States! It is finally here! We depart 11pm tonight, but depart for the airport 6pm tonight. Today the group and I have been eating out together for the last times, and roaming the streets of Ghana for the last time.

I am feeling good! I’m feeling good about myself, feeling good about my group members, and feeling good about my experiences!

I’m feeling ready! I’m ready to go back and start the new chapter of my life (I just graduated high school two weeks before I departed for this trip) the way I want to!

I’m going to miss spending time with the people I’ve met, but I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with them if I got to exchange contact info.

I’m not going to miss all the horn honking, yelling, and noise, but I’m bringing back a bigger appreciation for quietness.

I’m looking forward to getting back and beginning to work on sorting and editing my 1300+ photos from the trip! And getting back to my own bed, my car, and my favorite foods!

I am really loved in Ghana. It is either because I am an African American, a Muslim, or hard of hearing, but I am appreciated. I have gotten so many “I’m going to miss you” gifts!

Two of our group members have checked in from their travel week, so there is now seven of us. There is still two that are probably traveling back to Accra from Cape Coast as I’m typing. We will hopefully meet them at the airport if not on the airplane!

The five of us went to the mall last night to go to the movies. We saw Horrible Bosses (HILARIOUS!). While we were just killing time before the movie started, we ran into two other Crossroaders that have been on their own travel week. They have been living large! They met up with this wealthy, friendly family in the Accra Mall one day, and have been staying with them ever since! We saw a Cribs episode of their place on her iphone, and I said “This doesn’t even look like it is in Ghana!”

Speaking of, Accra is as close to America as it can be! I call it Corporate Ghana. Its busyness and diversity reminds me a lot of New York. But as Adrianne and I were walking, talking, and observing, (there are a lot more and elder African Americans here) we hope that the (African) Americans that are here get to travel outside of Accra to see the real Ghana.
The other day we went into this supermarket that was really expensive compared to what we were used to in Cape Coast, but it had everything we had just been talking about missing out on eating! We ran into a woman from Fort Lauderdale like me! (We were screaming and hugging almost like long lost family members!-it was our first time seeing someone else from Fort Lauderdale in Ghana.)

I am almost out of time on my computer. I will update you again once I get back to my home life, and when I get reverse culture shock or something on those lines! :)