The day has come!

The day is finally here!
We are packing up and leaving Kakumdo! We leave at 5am tomorrow to head to Kumasi!
I’m feeling so excited, because the days are going on, and the sooner I will be home!
As I’ve looked through my camera’s photos, I have pretty much accomplished all I wanted to with my photos. But I realized I have yet to use my zoom lens (the longer lens I have) so hopefully during travel week I can snap some photographs with that lens.

Yesterday night we had a movie night! Popcorn was popped on the stove with corn kernels–so good!
Before dinner was ready, we watched Terminator one and two with the kids, and after dinner we watched True Lies, until it stopped because it was scratched up, and then we watched the Incredibles, then Lion King (I keep forgetting how good that movie is–makes me want to own it on DVD) and then we watched Revolver–That was kind of confusing to me, but still a good movie.
By the time Revolver finished, there was only me and another group member awake watching it–it was 3am when we finished, haha!
For dinner we had plantains, baked chickens, green beans and tater tot shaped potatoes! It was so filling and a great way to spend our last Friday night here.
It was all the group members excluding one, including our leader, and 4 guests, along with 4 of the host family members. The rounded sofa was full with people, and it was a great sight. I didnt photograph it, but that photo is in my head! :)

Today at 5pm we have a small event where we will say our thank yous and distribute gifts to the host family and the neighborhood children.
My gift for the host family is taking an updated family portrait of them (They have a photo hung up when they just got married 6years ago and the only child in the photo is the oldest, when there are two more now). And I will mail it to them.
So I will be doing that after I finish here!

But this is the last post until another week!
Or else when I return to the states! But hopefully I can get to do one before I depart!

Update you soon!