So this is the last 4 days in Kakumdo. I’m kind of sad that it’s almost over, but I also shouldn’t be because I know I can always come back.
I can sincerely feel that I will be missed, and I can sincerely feel that I am appreciated from all the people I’ve met. One friend that I’ve met even called me an angel!
I am definitely looking forward to keeping in touch with the new family members that I have adopted!

Speaking of…There was a little sister big brother moment I had the other day.
My big brother (we adopted each other) came to the school I’m volunteering at with a “new girl” and a “new look”-he was wearing a purple polo shirt (his favorite color is blue and almost his entire wardrobe is blue) and he had a fresh haircut!
(He told me last week, before he departed, that he was going out of town) and as he was chatting with this new girl, he had this huge smile on his face! So I was like uh oh, he has something up his sleeve, let me go check her out! lol!

And I did, and she’s really cool- an art Fanatic (She had a Canon DSLR, that’s what really attracted me to find out more about her) and a New Yorker-A Black American as the Ghanians would call her (I’ve been called that too, the Ghanians say they can tell because of my skin tone and looks that I am from the US). She visited last summer, volunteered at the school, and she loved it so she came back and surprised her students and brought art supplies for them too. She was also inspired to start an art based organization back in New York, unfortunately I do not remember what it was, because then I could’ve spread the word about it.

When people ask where I’m from, and I don’t have say America, I can say Florida, and they know where it is, but when they ask where in Florida am I from, I can’t say Fort Lauderdale, because they only know Miami. lol.

On TV the other day, There was this ad, played twice, about Mario and J. Holiday coming to Accra on July 30th for a local concert. That would be cool to attend. But we will be traveling. But that’s cool that they’re coming. Because I was actually wondering how often American artists come through to Ghana.

When we leave for our travel week, I don’t know how often I will get to blog, as I don’t know how often I’ll get to a computer! I’m not even expecting to get on a computer at all while I’m gone. I’m expecting to give you a final blog the day before or the day of my departure back to the U.S. but we will see. I have another day or two of getting to blog before we depart for our travel week, so I’ll update you then!
Below is the group photo of my stage one class! I forgot that I can upload photos taken with my Android, because my charger is a USB (Duhhh! lol). This photo was taken after p.e. so you will see that most are out of uniform, but the burgundy and yellow is their uniform.