Let the Fun Times Begin!

Only two more weekends here in Kakumdo Village! And then it is our travel week, where we will be going to the Mole/Larabanga area of Ghana ! And then I will be flying home! Wow how time flies!

I have really enjoyed this trip. Through all the ups and downs, I have grown, matured and have a bigger appreciation for the things I have in life!

I feel a bit rejuvenated! Especially since today was a good day, almost an ideal day. I was up around 5am, to go do some community service (We are helping to build a clinic/hospital in a needy community). I chopped down some tree branches that are around the area where the foundation of the clinic is. When we got there, it was amazing how many local people were there helping. I said to myself, wow, we don’t get this in the U.S. We were building the clinic for the people of the community and the people of the community were helping out, practically doing it. lol. But they are very grateful that we are doing this for their community.
Then we had pancakes for breakfast, and were laying around on the couch reading/writing in our journals/sleeping/listening to music. I was listening to Usher (my favorite artist), and reading Essence magazine with Beyonce on the cover (the July cover I think). Beyonce is an amazing woman. So determined and hard working, yet humble and introverted. I admire her. She wrote the cover story, in her own words. It was really inspiring, because she gave some great advice about balancing the work life, and taking a real vacation (2 weeks, 9months or a year) to do all the thing you want to do and refresh your inspirations and creative fluids. She inspired me to do just that when I get back. I’ve technically had my real vacation here in Ghana, but I am motivated to work hard doing all that I want to do til the next vacation out of the country (in about two years).

But I had a good weekend. Friday I got my personalized drum! And I went to prayer at the mosque. It was so beautiful to see the ladies’ custom made outfits. All these beautiful fabrics, women, and children! And Friday night I experienced the Ghanaian night life! It was fun to finally let out the dancing in me! It’s pretty much like the ones in the U.S., but with free entrance! But I did learn that it is hard for me to meet eyes, read lips, and dance in sync at the same time! That was dizzying! lol But I met new people, saw familiar people, and became closer to my group members!

Since I’ve been here, I have often been asked about my hearing aids, and have been complimented on my skin tone, after being asked why I’m lighter than they are.
But one thing that stuck with me, is that one of the Rastafarians, in the shop where I got my drum, said that he respects and appreciates me, because I appreciate and acknowledge the African Culture, because very few do. And one of people I met that night said I am really normal and decent compared to others. HAHA ! :)

But it was a good weekend! This week I am back at the school, and also some days, getting to help with the clinic.
Making some progress! :)

Update you later!