It's been a week already!

So I was thinking to myself today: it’s already July…I’ve been away from home for two weeks…and in Ghana for one week…my, my.

Today we went to Kakum National Forest and the Monkey Forest!

At Kakum, the animals did not come out…so we just spent 30 minutes walking on a canopy. It was a beautiful view, but nothing more than that and exercise in my opinion.
At Monkey Forest, we saw a couple of different breeds of small monkeys; very playful monkeys, a civic cat, green parrots, kittens, and a beautiful mountain view of Cape Coast.

We ate lunch at a Botel, which has crocodiles living around it…lol, but the crocs were not near the food though, they were in the water on the side, fenced in, by the restaurant. It was still a bad mix if you think about it…because the crocs are free…but near a restaurant…
Unfortunately the service was bad at this restaurant. The food was good though. But we waited wayyy too long for our food. And it wasn’t even crowded.

But while I was at the restaurant, I met a girl who was hearing impaired like me, knows a little bit of sign language, like me, and who will be staying for 6weeks, like me. lol! That made my day, because we both talked about the difficulties and challenges we face as being hearing impaired.

Yesterday, we had a day off, so we spent it in town in Cape Coast. We went to the Cape Coast Beach, and the Cape Coast Castle and ate at a restaurant where there is MEAT! lol. We’ve had fish and rice all week for lunch and dinner!

Today I had ice cream for the first time in a while! Yesss! I’ve been missing ice cream! It was good too!

The group all agree that we are all grateful to have each other to talk to at the end of the day, about our day and whatnot.
The other night, we had a fun night, and after that, we all really feel like we bonded even closer, as we were talking about some really personal things and whatnot. It was fun!

A couple of more of my observations:
Dogs here are all very slender, and they actually sit to pee/poop. lol! No legs going up!
There is also an IRS here. I really didn’t think there would be.
also, roosters are becoming annoying to me…because they crow ALL DAY long!

Well tomorrow is another day, and soon another week to begin.

Update you later!