It was a good weekday off!

The past two days we have met some great people!
Yesterday’s 4th of July celebration really helped that!

It was actually more fun than I thought it would be!
I met two new people that I personally get along with and relate to, and got to know two other new people who we know from the school we volunteer at, a little bit better. Also playing a game of charade, and having our usual nighttime group meetings, helped to bring us closer together. My group is so great at communicating their feelings, it is awesome!

There was about 20 or so people that ate with us, including the 9 of us in our group. But there was a few less than that that stayed after to play the game.
We made fried fish, fried chicken, corn, french fries, and onion rings; a very American dish. And the Ghanaians loved it! :)
Then we found ourselves singing America the Beautiful and teaching the Ghanaians the song. lol.

So that was fun, and today added on to the fun. We “took a day off of work” today. Our main task was that we were going to get printing paper for the school to print their exam on, but along with that we went to visit Elmina, which was considered the young town, where the young people are, mainly for the Elmina festival, but we misunderstood the time, so we just visited the Elmina/St. George Castle, which was a slave castle. I do like the city though, and would like to spend more time there.
At the castle, I got to see for myself the heavily weighted ball that was chained to the slaves feet when they had to walk. Another tourist, in his 50s or so, actually picked it up, and ended up throwing it back down because it was so heavy. Just looking at it I can tell it was heavy.  As I was staring out into the ocean, I was wondering to myself, what were they thinking, seeing this beautiful sea water, and living in such a scary place with torturous conditions not far from it.
To be honest, I still don’t completely understand slavery, as far as why and how. But I will educate myself over time.

But today, we ate out at a Vegan restaurant. The man is German I believe, but he is so kind. The Boubon House; all proceeds go to the Boubon School Foundation.

I’ve noticed that there is a different kind of Caucasian tourists here: They’re not all American. A majority of them are from different parts of Europe.

Then me and a couple of the group members went drum and cloth searching. I found the place where I can get a drum made, personalized just for me! Yay!
Anddd, I found the cloth I wanted to get. It’s a pretty design in blue: my favorite color!! :)

I have so many observations in my mind as I walk through town, it’s hard to write them down and share them with you, so I do my best. :)

Today I heard DJ Khaled in the taxi. Lol. I didn’t know he was thattt international! Haha!

I don’t think I told you yet, but the brooms here are different: A lot of back exercise, as they do not have a stick with them, you have to grip it and sweep.

I’ve noticed that there are different kinds of cars here. There are the familiar brands, like Toyota, Kia, and Nissan, but they are made differently to suit the environment, which I think is really good!

Also, whenever I ask the question “Why?”, specifically to a male, I find myself repeating myself more than once…especially when they have told me/or suggested to me to do something.

Anddd…the last thing before I go, since my time is running out…

Before I visited Ghana….I was familiar with the fact that there is malnourishment here….but as I’ve been here, I’ve discovered that it’s actually malnutrition….because I have not had any dairy since I got here (I want my cheeseeee)! The people are not receiving all the nutrition that they should be getting, including dairy, therefore it is malnutrition. I’m experiencing malnutrition. I need my dairy.

Ok, that is all for now!

Update you soon!