In honor of Senegal’s 55th Independence Day on April 4th, here are a few photos from my week long visit to Dakar, Goree Island and other places in Senegal over the summer in 2014. Despite going during a time where it was, what I considered a Ghost Town, because it was the Fasting Month of Ramadan, the city is very colorful and vibrant. Dakar has such a balance with its temperatures, easily because of its close proximity to the water, but also because of its location in the equator (along the same equatorial lines of the British Islands). My fiance (at the time) and I were able to enjoy a beach day with my niece and nephew (we stayed with a family friend whom I knew in Florida before she moved back to Senegal). I have always had a huge love for the French lifestyle and food, especially after my visit to Paris and various cities in France 5 years back. Despite, just like any other African country, there is the very poor side and then the more developed side, it is still a beautiful and friendly country. I was able to see both sides and spend some time giving back to the poor community during their fast-breaking; it was quite an experience. The children are so precious. I also witnessed that a lot of the newer cars are the European imports, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz. The buildings are mainly constructed by North Koreans. All in All, I would go back if I could. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit. Especially the humongous Renaissance Monument, located right smack in the middle of the city, located not far from the airport. Happy Independence Day, Senegal!