I'm Ready!

I’m ready for my own room now!
And I’m ready for my favorite foods, and some Subway, and Tyson Chicken, and home cooked meals!
But the good thing is that I’ll be going home with a different outlook on life, and a bit older, so I won’t be going back to all of the same things.
It’s so exciting to be able to walk down the street, and be greeted by everyone I have met in this past month that I’ve been here. Even get greeted by the Ghanaian handshake (Similar to the ones of African Americans, but it ends with a snapping of each others finger)
But as I had free time today at school during lunch to just watch the children, I I realized I am going to miss these children. Miss seeing their beautiful faces, miss the love that they give, and their mannerism and intelligence…just everything about them. I know I could not feel so comfortable and so loved with elementary leveled children in my area, because they are just too rowdy and grown for their age. I yell at the children, but not as often as I would to the children back at home.
Just thinking of how much energy it takes out of me to  yell at the children makes me put myself in a teacher’s shoes, and realize how annoying it truly was when the children weren’t listening or paying attention.
But I finally got some really nice portraits of the children! Mission accomplished!
So yesterday I had two local guests, (who are of the same belief as me!) for dinner, who happened to know each other!
As I was on my way from walking one of them to the house, I saw a lot of my students in the village! I had no idea so many of them were my neighbors! It was a great feeling and sound to hear them say “Madame! Madame!” repeatedly until I noticed them!
But the dinner was an interesting experience. We had mashed potatoes, cabbage, and chicken (not quite cooked thoroughly though) And the Ghanaians, wanted rice.
And, since one guest was a male, he wanted to mention that it was a “ritual” for him to be served food. That really pushed a button in me, because I really do not like doing that. My idea is that if you can walk, and talk, and see, you can get it yourself. But it was still an night of an experience.
And then, another mission accomplished: I got to hold a baby on my back. You know, if you’ve ever seen photos, you’ve seen women carrying babies in a cloth on their back?
I got to do that! It’s actually pretty secure, and comfortable. But the cloth didn’t stay up on my chest. lol. But the baby girl even fell asleep on my back! She felt like a backpack! It was so memorable!
And the children in the house are all becoming comfortable with us; including sir cry a lot, the baby I mentioned who had the cutest smile! He loves food though! lol! And the second oldest child,the oldest girl, is a spoiled brat! But fun and funny! However, the oldest boy, who is twelve years old, I wish I could have him as my little brother to keep! He is the sweetest! And he is so intelligent! And so much fun! I’m going to miss him when we leave Kakumdo!
17 more days in Ghana!

I’ll update you later!