I Love the Cultural Experience!

So adding on to yesterday, since I had really limited time on the computer yesterday…

We seem to be able to interact more  with the local people when there are three or less of us together in town.
For example, when two of the girls and I were drum searching and tourist shopping, the shop where they got their drums, one of the workers is a painter, beautifully talented (I want to be sure to buy one of his works before I leave) who has lived most of his life in Portugal so he speaks Spanish, English, German (because he taught in Germany) and many others. He was a very interesting person! And when we go back to the shop, we can get drumming lessons from them! Yay!

Today, was back to work day. I am really glad I have the 6-10 year olds. They are great kids! It’s especially great because 7 was my favorite age! :)
I already have my favorite children in the school!
And I’m actually amazed at how well I can work with children, how patient I have become with them. My experience with children goes a longg way. :)
But it kills me how the teachers teach the wrong things sometimes, and there is nothing we can do about it.
For example, there were certain things about the Islamic religion that they teach in the Religious and Moral Education Class, that are inaccurate. Also, the English is a bit incorrect, the way it is taught in the English Class…and it sucks because I have to hold back, and bite my tongue, when I see things grammatically incorrect.
Because we aren’t supposed to change the way they do things, we are only allowed to suggest. But at the same time, I don’t always get listened to, so it’s just a matter of sitting back and watching…
There is this new method of keeping them quiet that my leader taught us (Who is a teacher in the U.S.) has used with her kids. When I put 4 fingers up, that means get quiet, sit down, and eyes on me. It works…but they take like 5 minutes to keep quiet. They will put their hand up and look at me for 10 seconds then get back to talking. But I tire my arm out until ALL 50 of them are quiet and looking at me.

Today, interestingly, I got to communicate more with the teachers at the school. Some of them I communicated with for the first time today. They are interesting people, cool people. The one teacher that I work with, goes by Baby Valentino…lol…don’t ask. But he wants to be a football (I’m now confused as to whether it was the soccer football, or NFL football) but he’s nice.
And I have met two muslims at the school, which is awesome!
It’s a shame that half of the teachers at the school don’t actually want to be teachers, it’s just a job for them, so they can go on with their lives. But it’s good that they have dreams that they’re working on achieving!

One thing that really lightened up my heart today…
There is this…one or two yr old baby that lives with us…and he NEVER smiles. He’s a fussy baby, but a quiet one. We were leaving school and he was with…the mother’s family member I believe (I don’t know who’s who) and he was on her back…so my leader had kissed him, and then I was playing with his cheek–No sign of appreciation or enjoyment…lol. And then I looked away, at a crying baby nearby (cuz his family had left him) and the baby on the back had grabbed my finger. I looked back..grabbed his, and he had the CUTEST smile!!! That completely lightened up my heart for the day! :)

Ok, well…I’m running out of things to tell you…lol.

So I’ll most likely update you tomorrow. It has become a regular in my leader and I’s schedule to come to the cafe after work. It has become our bonding time too. lol!

So I will update you soon!