Help Portrait Fort Lauderdale Dec 10 2011

The best charity event for photographers, in my opinion.
The concept of providing portraits for those who cannot afford is splendid!
There are so many people who like to consider a portrait session, a special occasion. They get the opportunity to dress up and look nice, feel nice, beautiful and confident.
What magic it does for them to know they have the option of getting “hair did, nails did, everything did” with a hair and makeup session.
And not the least, the portrait session itself. Where photographers get to know the person that they are, and eventually find out the things they’ve been through, and where they are now.

It is touching to see their smiling faces through all the pain and struggles.
And to hear their sincere thank yous.

I’m glad I was a part of it, and I’m looking forward to participating next year. And I encourage everyone to, wherever you are, as it is a global movement.
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