Ghana Update

Greetings from Ghana!

I have at the moment lost track of what day it is because we have been so busy learning and doing so many things these past few days. But I know that I have about 4 more weeks left, since we’ve been here for almost a week already. It is either with the house chores that we each take turns doing or sharing, taking time to rest, see the city, or else we have been busy with orientations, and we even began teaching at the school on Tuesday.

There is so much to observe and take in all at once that it is a little difficult to put it in a blog, as I only get to be at an internet cafe about every other day. But I will most definitely say that you should by all means visit Ghana for yourself, any chance you get.

But I will say some of my observations:

I have seen a green shirt with celtic on it that said Bulls

I have seen piles of trash on the ground in front of the school we volunteer at as if it is the dump area.

I have seen some really cute kittens! And I’ve seen turkeys walking around.

I have seen a lot of people check out my shoes, there must be something about them (I should photograph them and see if i see what they see)

I have seen the very different school system: The children get beat with a stick if they get a wrong answer. They (well the first and second graders) do not take notes; it is entirely oral, and memorization. It is classified by learning level, not age. For example, the class I’ve been teaching is Stage 1, also known as first grade, consists of 6-9 year olds, and one 10 year old, who is personally my favorite, because he’s so interesting yet intent.

But the children always have a song in their heart/mind; there is a lot of singing and dancing.

They are also so friendly and open and curious. They know how to reach for your hand when they want a hand to hold. :)

The children also LOVE to be photographed, so I will have no problem getting portraits of them, I just need to be careful with my camera as they are veryy touchy, and curious.

Ghanaian People indirectly communicate, and don’t really like answering a lot of questions at once, but they are still kind and helpful people.

It gets pitch black dark by 7pm here, so it is not a good idea to be out at night unless you know what you’re doing.

But on top of that, Ghana is great!

While I’ve been here, I have heard Next to you-Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga (Edge of Glory), Eminem (Not Afraid), Celine Dion, and Usher <3 (Moving Mountains). Also lots of native Ghana music, which sounds like reggae music to me.

I have a local name while I am here and it is Efua. Names are chosen based on the day you were born, and I was born on a Friday (took a while to think about).

Birth months and horoscopes signs do not matter here.

I have had my first experience with a bucket shower, when the water goes out as it is sporadic here. But it’s cold water, but the cold water is refreshing as it is hot here, but it still will take me time to get used to the temperature.

I have had my first experience doing a complete hand wash laundry, from washing, scrubbing stains out, and wringing out to dry. You don’t really know how thick your clothes are until you have to wring out by hand.

But how is my experience? Words cannot describe. Hopefully you understand through my descriptions.

My time is up! And I will update you again soon!