Day Seven

Today was the last day of the school week for us. Tomorrow is Ghana’s independence day. And our host leader said that they do not celebrate with fireworks, they celebrate with waterworks! lol! The fireworks have to be bought in the capital, Accra, which is a two hour drive away. Cape Coast does not have any, for whatever reason. But there will be lots of dancing!
We are supposed to get our dancing and drumming lessons soon!

My group is planning on celebrating our own independence day this weekend, by hosting a feast and inviting lots of people over whom we have met already.

So as today was the last day of the school week, I decided to take my camera to take photos.

I learned they LOVE taking photos, and the reason being is most likely because they do not have mirrors at home, therefore they love seeing themselves.

So as hard as I tried, lol, I think I got some good, portfoilo worthy photos. If not, I have 4 more weeks! :)

The only thing though is that they love to be up close and personal with the camera, so there are a lot of up close head and hand shots. lol!

But the children are so sweet and so smart. I just wish I could get to know them personally, one on one. But after this week, I realize teaching young children, 50 of them, on a daily basis, is not for me. I’m more of a small group type of person.

But wow am I tired! We have had such busy days, full of children. I have never had a full day entirely of children. We go to school in the morning to be with children, and then now we have to come home to young, crying children.
We now have new roommates: a family of five: a father, a mother, and three children under 4 years old; two girls one boy.
Yes, the house is big enough for all 14 of us, but it’s still extra noisy since the windows and walls are not sound proof.

Yesterday, we had Banku for dinner. All I’m going to say is that my tastebuds did not approve of it!

Just to add a couple of more pinpoints and observations:

Ghanaians taxis love to blow there horns here! It is either to holler at attractive ladies, or to ask them if they need a taxi. They also play their own choice of music in the taxis, which is something I like because I get to learn the types of music that people listen to here.

My group members all have at least one sibling which is good.
We have nicknamed the two military boys in our group, Devious. It is a combination of both Dennis and Steve, because they are always together. lol!
We all love laughing, we do it almost everyday!
And we can communicate together about almost anything we’re feeling about the day.

That is all for now!