Day 3

Greetings from Ghana!

I am at an internet cafe with less than 30 minutes, so I will do what I can in that time.

It is beautiful here! The people are genuinely kind…and very observant!

I feel like I live here already, mainly because the calm environment reminds me of Costa Rica when I visited, which is familiar to me.

There are goats and chicken and roosters and children and taxis everywhere!

We met the children who we will be working with over the course of the summer; they are so welcoming!

Our house is a really nice house that is remodeled every year that crossroaders stay there. The host family makes us feel like we are truly all one family.

There’s 9 of us in a group; but when the host family are there, there are about 20 people in the house!

What a house full! But it’s great because it is family, and luckily there is enough space for everyone.

We go to work on Monday, where we split up to either teach at the school or work on health education outreach. Right now it is just the weekend for us, where we tour Cape Coast and get to know our environment.

So far we have seen the outside of the Cape Coast Castle, and the markets and historic buildings, colleges and whatnot that have been there since the country first started.

The language is Fante, and I will be learning a lot of that over the course of the summer.

Since our house is at the top of the mountain, there is a lot of walking up and down and around town. It’s great because I will be getting my exercise, but best believe I will have and African tan by the time the trip is over and it is always sunny, and since very few places have air, it always hot, excluding the breeze we get.

Well that’s all for now !

Until next time…