A change is gonna come!

So, it is week 3, the halfway point. The week that all previous Crossroaders were talking about during Orientation.
Now I know what they’re talking about. It is that changing, impacting week.
It is that week where we are mentally ready to go home, where we are secretly sick of being in the daily presence of our group members, where we are sick of having cooked meals made by the other group members, and where we want to be back in our comfort zones, what we are familiar with.

But for me, it is also the week, that I feel myself growing, becoming more confident, more independent, more goal accomplishing, more responsible, and more mature. It is that halfway mark. Also this week has been the longest time I have been out of the country and away from home (last time was two weeks).

As far as goal accomplishing, I am halfway clear of my checking off my goal list of the things I wanted to accomplish while I was here, and hopefully I can check it off completely in the next two weeks!

But we are finally getting somewhere with volunteering where we can physically make an impact. Today we met with locals, and we can help build bathrooms in a community near a school, because we visited the community where we can build, and there is only one bathroom for the whole community, and it is quite a distance to walk to…keep in mind that the bathrooms have no ceilings, and no toilets and sinks. So the building will hopefully begin next week!

However, when we were there…I was touched by the visible poverty conditions of the community. There is one source of clean water in the community that is only available daily at dawn.
And I also saw a child, who had no teeth, and a disjointed knee, and who was so skinny that I saw his ribcage between his torn shirt. That broke my heart.
Seeing children like that make me wish I was a part of a medical trip to help bring better medical care here. I wouldn’t even trust the medical care here enough for my own medical needs. That should change one day.
And the road, is quite bumpy, and a long way from the main road where the main traffic is…but…we’ll make it work.

We found pizza in town! We had it for lunch, but it was so filling that it’s technically dinner! I had chicken pizza that had green peppers and onions on it, and real cheese (lol!) It was delicious!

Ok, that’s all for now!
I’ll update you soon!