2013: The Year of Traveling

I’ve wanted to put together a year in review photos or an album, but I haven’t gotten a minute to so, instead, it’s going to be a text! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  So here goes!

2012 has been quite a year for photography for me! Another year of improving and learning and growing and new experiences. 
From getting to resume my studies in photography in January, to being able to travel to NY and take street and travel photography to another level in March, to traveling back to NY under an internship in May to photograph my first red carpet event, honoring Julian Bond, featuring many well known faces such as Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Tucker, and Wanda Sykes.

Then the end of May, photographing my best friend’s graduation, and spending time with my family for the holidays. ‘tis the season for family portraits and family gatherings. Over the summer, traveling to New Orleans and Jamaica for the first time over the summer, back home to Fort Lauderdale to photograph the beautiful people I know, as a part of portfolio building. And then came the experience of losing lots of great photos, although thankfully no client photos! 

When August came around, I thought I knew it’d be a while before things slowed down! August became the introduction of the whirlwind world of videography using the DSLR.

Thankfully I was able to take a break from alll that video editing in September, and got the opportunity to intern as a photographer at DC’s Annual Congressional Black Caucus, featuring speakers and honorees such as Susan L. Taylor, Kenny Leon, Dwayne Wade, Lamman Rucker, Russ Parr, and Michelle Obama.

October came around and it was pretty slow, due to interning with a photography studio in DC, but it was still a fashion month! got to photograph a fashion show at the beginning of the month, and have a studio fashion shoot at the end of the month with the clothing line Top Rank Vintage. 

November was the video editing month. Two videos. One for a Bono Charity Day named Good By Design by THE BOSS GROUP, and a second, helping my relative with her school project on Gun Violence. I also got to do my second headshot session of the year with an aspiring music producer.

Now, December, not much going on, knowing that my parents said: You need to take a break and see us! So that’s what I did. Worked only two weeks in December. Shot and edited under the internship based in Baltimore, a promotional video for a theater in the Arts District. And photographed a first annual film screening for middle school students. And worked behind the scenes at the Help Portrait Baltimore event. I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted, due to video editing changes. But next year should be better.

2013! I have a wedding booked to on January 6, 2013. Two more potential weddings lined up. The opportunity to photograph the inauguration. And we will see what else comes up with portraiture, editorial and fashion opps. 2013 is the year for traveling though. If not for work, definitely for personal exploration, I will get to leave the country for weeks at a time.

Thank you to all my supporters who’ve been there in the beginning and the ones I gained this year. Stay with me on this discovery, and it will be quite the journey! I will do my best with keeping you updated on a more regular basis. :)