2 more days!

We made it to Accra after a whole 24hrs of traveling (left Mole yesterday at 4:30am, arrived at the Salvation Army, where we are staying, at 4:30am today).

It is nice to be back in a city! I saw railroad tracks and I heard a plane!
We took a ‘luxury line’ bus here. It had air conditioning, seat coverings, recliner and a tv. It was nicer compared to the Metro Mass Transit, but still decent compared to my norm.
We spent about 6hrs in Tamale. It was interesting to be in an islamic community. Yesterday was jumaah (congregational prayer). While we were at the bus station, it was noisy and full of cars. As soon as the call to prayer came and finished, it became a ghost town–so quiet, very few people, very few cars. As soon as prayer was over, it was back to the Tamale busyness.
On the bus ride to Tamale, I met another Muslim male. He’s from Larabanga but going to school in Tamale for Marketing. He was bringing his nephew to Tamale for the first time. They are so happy to meet a Muslim American, yet alone an African American.

In the north, I have seen so many mosques! You look down one street there’s a mosque, ride further down another, there is a smaller one. There is a grand mosque in Tamale that is big! Bigger than the one in Abura, and almost just as big as the one in Tampa, Florida.
While we were in Tamale, we stopped at the Central Market-biggere than any of the markets I’ve been to here in Ghana. They had A LOT of Tailored shops (competition, competition) but a couple of them had hijabs (islamic scarves) and jilbabs (Islamic dress)! I thought that was really cool because I’ve only been buying ones that are saudi arabian!

While we were in the Mole Motel, we met up with some of the group members from the Ghana 3 group (the one that was staying in Elmina). It is only some of the group members because the others took their own travel week to different parts of Ghana. Our group members did too. We are now down to 5 group members. But we are all going to reunite either at the Salvation Army or at the airport on Monday.
But I have a funny story to tell you, which I think is the funniest thing since the beginning of the trip, when we played a game of Mad Libs and the story was a dance called the Monstrosity, and we had to follow those rules with the words we used to fill in the blanks (it was so hilarious!)
But while we were waiting to check in to our rooms (it was held up a couple of hours because they were drying our sheets, and it took longer than normal because it was raining and they dry things on clothing lines–no dryers) We were all sitting at a table near a restaurant near the pool. Out of nowhere, two baboons appeared–one on the far end of the long table, the other on the railing near the steps. They were looking at us, we were looking at them. A few seconds later, one jumped from the railing, to the side of the table closest to us. We knew he was gonna attack, but didn’t know what. Group members started moving. I was slowly moving away, but moved away quicker when he started growling. We ran into the cooking area for cover. all but two of the group members went in. One group member was trying to get her things from the table–there was a wallet, a camera, an opened, finished can of orange juice, and fruit. The other group member was scaring it away. It was scary yet funny to watch. After a few minutes, we discovered that all he wanted was the bananas that were apart of our fruit bag. But because he felt a little pressured, he took the whole bag of fruit, which was one group member’s bag which had a mango, and orange and a banana in it. And then the baboon went away. LOL! It was so hilarous once the scary moment was over!
At this motel, since it is right in with the Mole National Park, antelopes, warthogs, and baboons freely roam around, that’s how the baboon came and got the fruit. 

Over the past three days, I have gotten a total of 32 mosquito bites. My repellent only lasts a couple of hours. I mainly got so many, because one night I did not put it on, since I put it on a couple of hours before I went to sleep, it didn’t last while I was sleep, plus, i did not know until I was putting away my mosquito net, but a couple of small ones had gotten into the net and were staying at the top of it (danggg mosquitoes!)

After speaking with the other group members and hearing their experiences, 6 weeks is a good amount of time because we are all ready to go home, but grateful for the experience at the same time!

That is all for now! I will most likely be back at this cafe Monday morning! They play nice music, have a lot of computers, and the computers are even fast moving (Yess!)

Update you later!