My Three Favorite Places in the World

Having been to ten different countries by now, it’s safe to pick my favorite so far. Read on as I describe my favorite three:

Photo by Rachel Benavides | My Favorite Three Places in the World | Zaakirah Nayyar

The beautiful Spanish culture. I still have to take an Ancestry DNA test, but being always drawn to anything involving the Hispanic culture. Costa Rica's greenery and mountains, being from Tennessee by way of my father, mountains always put a smile on my face. I remember us going down this curvy road in a mountain to go to where we were staying in Costa Rica, and that brought so much joy inside. Aside from holding tight due to feeling like we might tip over, I remember looking out and just admiring the beauty. Also, the very delicious food. Ever since having cilantro every day with rice, I've had a newfound love for cilantro.

Modern, Home, People that look like me
Ghana was the first country that I went to where it was full of people that looked like me.
Again, I am still learning my ancestry, but I believe my family hails from Ghana. I got the chills once I stepped off the airplane and landed on the red soil. Being able to spend two months in Ghana, allowed me to see all aspects of the country. There’s the capital, Accra, which is the most modernized, and then the place where I stayed the longest, Cape Coast, which is very laid back. Then there is not northern part of Ghana which is smaller and more traditional.

Smiling Coast, Friendliest people, Open minded
Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, the people are not strict but are open minded, hence how I found my husband. Despite this being his first time living out of the country, he is not so close minded as to have demanded that I move to his country.
In The Gambia, they are known as the Smiling Coast due to their friendly people. Even the ladies were friendly, even if it wasn’t genuine - haha. This place will always be a place where I can call home, thanks to my wonderful in-laws.

The similarity between them is that they all have beaches! The Florida girl in me is in love with that.

If I could choose one of these places to retire? I can’t. Lol.
When I first visited Costa Rica, I said that. Once I got to Ghana, I said I would build a house there. Once I visited and married in the Gambia, that’s when I knew I was in trouble! Haha

What are your favorite places in the world?

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