First Time Visiting Birmingham, Alabama

March 2015 I visited Birmingham, Alabama for the first time! This trip happened days before the 50th anniversary of the march to Selma. I do wish I was able to stay or even get media access to the event. However, there was a photo exhibit that just opened at the museum featuring the work of one of the only photographers that were able to be amongst the walkers. Amazing photos.

It was a small family road trip to visit my uncle. We visited the Civil Rights Museum located across from the Kelly Ingram Park intersecting the 16th Street Baptist Church (home of MLK’s congregations and the KKK killing of four little girls). 

The most impacting parts of the tour were seeing the constructed statue and remaining artifacts from the era, such as the bus that was taken by the HBCU college students (Scene was shown in The Butler) that was burned by the KKK. Dogs were much bigger back in the day, so I can only imagine how terrorizing they were. It was a lot of history to take in at once so it was an emotional experience. But to this day, I believe we, as beautiful people of color, in the end will conquer all.