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If you are new here, I have begun a series called Aspire to Inspire since January where I feature young, Black and Hispanic Women who travel while running their own businesses. Here is another blogger whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person in my hometown. She also happened to have visited the cities I have also visited. Taylor Rae is a business owner. We have similar goals when it comes to running a digital marketing agency. Let’s read what Taylor has to say!

Aspire to Inspire With Taylor Rae Collins Headley

Tell us about yourself. What do you do?

My name is Taylor but I write as TC Ivy. I’m a 25-year-old CEO and social media specialist at V3 Inbound Marketing and I am a blogger currently based in South Florida. I launched my website Writing and travel are my passions, so even though I don’t focus on my travel experiences, I love that I’m able to combine them both on LGN.

What city do you hail from and what do you like most about your hometown?

Originally I’m from Brooklyn, New York but I spent most of my childhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida so I just tell people that’s where I’m from. I feel like I want to say something less obvious than the weather but that really is the best thing about FTL. It’s almost always warm, if not downright sweltering and most days it’s just ridiculously picturesque. The sky is blue and the clouds are all fluffy and cottony, the sun is always shining, all the palm trees and cityscapes along the beach steal the show at all times of day or night. It’s a truly beautiful place to live.

Where were your three favorite places to travel to in the world and why? 

Overall my favorite places tend to be ones with beaches and warm weather near the equator. My family is West Indian so maybe that’s because it reminds me the most of “home”. Number one I’d say is Jamaica. It’s where my mom’s side of the family is from so we visit pretty regularly. We usually stay at my great-grandmother’s house in the countryside and the kitchen/dining room faces the mountains so you get this really beautiful view while you eat. It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood except for the occasional farm animal noise so you really get time to meditate and just think about life. It’s where I feel really peaceful.

My 2nd favorite place is Isla Contadora, an island about an hour and a half off the coast of Panama. Pretty sure it makes my top places because it gives me the same peaceful feeling that I get in Jamaica. Not to mention the fact that it’s gorgeous. It has white sand beaches with crystal clear water and lots of green trees and some great views from the cliffs. Plus the people were really friendly and helpful even though they didn’t speak much English and I have a first grader’s grasp of Spanish.

Aspire to Inspire with Taylor Rae Collins Headley in South Africa

At 3rd, would have to be Capetown and Johannesburg in South Africa. Both of them are amazing cities. Capetown reminded me a lot of Miami in a way in that it’s a coastal city with popping nightlife. My friends and I went there for spring break in 2016 and there were so many interesting sights to see. Tabletop Mountain is a must and we even got to go on a wine tour in one of the vineyards. That was phenomenal! I had no idea South Africa has internationally known wineries. Jozi, as Johannesburg is colloquially known, is black history central. We went to Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto and the apartheid museum, but my favorite thing was being able to get a dress made by a local Soweto seamstress in the few days we were there. I picked the fabric, cut, and embellishments myself and by the time we were ready to leave she had made about six outfits for us.

The last one I’ll talk about is Frankfurt, Germany. It’s the complete opposite of what I’ve talked about. It’s a busy, super modern, fast-paced European city but I just found it so charming when I went that it’s one of the places I definitely plan to go again. The architecture of the city is amazing, the way they mix historic and modern pretty seamlessly, the many cultures of people there, the food, I really loved everything about that city. It’s also an easy place to get around for Americans because almost everyone spoke English fluently so it made navigation pretty simple.

Why do you think it is important to travel?

Traveling exposes you to a lot of new things, both externally and internally. You not only get to go to new places and interact with new people and cultures, but you find out a lot about yourself and learn important new things. Journeys have a tendency to do that to you. I’ve found that people who travel extensively and really immerse themselves in the places they go tend to be more open-minded and more considerate. Those are things we could use much more of these days.

What do you want your legacy to be?

[I want my legacy] to be, if just one person can say that I inspired them to do something greater than they thought they could go somewhere they didn’t think they could ever go, or be someone they never thought they could be (in a good way lol) that would be the greatest legacy I could leave.

Anything else you would like to add for those who want to travel but aren't sure how to?

Deal sites on Twitter are your BEST FRIEND. My top sites are @TheFlightDeal, @SecretFlying, @AirfareWatchdog, and @AirfareSpot. They post ridiculously amazing deals for domestic and international flights every day. As long as you’re flexible with either your locations or your dates, you can seriously get around the world for the low. I swear by them and plug them to everyone who says they want to start traveling lol.

Amazing interview! I know I read that one all the way through! Didn’t you? Thanks, Taylor! Wishing the best success to you!

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