Guest Travel Blogger Interview with HollyDayz

It’s that time again! If you are new here, I have begun a series since January where I feature young, Black and Hispanic Women who travel while running their own businesses.

If you are not new here, meet Holly of HollyDayz. She is a fellow millennial travel blogger. She is also a filmmaker like I am (part-time)!

Let’s aspire to be inspired by her interview.

It’s a pleasure to have you featured here. Tell us more about yourself. What do you do?

My name is Holly and I am the creator of HollyDayz Travel. I like to focus on traveling a week or less because not everyone has a ton of time in one place, but people are still able to see a lot in a short amount of time. I also vlog my adventures so not only can my audience read and see some great pictures, but they can get a visual for themselves and join me on my adventure. Outside of that, I work in Production on television shows, commercials, web series, and more. 

We all originate from somewhere. Tell us what city do you hail from and what do you like most about your hometown?

I am from Queens, New York. What I like best about my hometown is that it is the most diverse place in the country. I can travel the world in this one borough and hear over 100 different languages, eat different foods, and experience different cultures.

HollyDayz in Dubai Miracle Garden | Aspire to Inspire Interview with Zaakirah Nayyar

I know this is a hard question for any traveler but I have to ask. Where were your favorite places to travel to in the world and why?

I come from a family of travelers so it has been instilled in me since birth. I have really enjoyed all the places I have traveled to. Some of my favorites were Dubai, Rome, and Las Vegas.

Dubai was a lap of luxury and beauty. Old and new met and people from all over the world who were extremely friendly.

Rome had so much amazing history and of course food.

Las Vegas is one of my favorite places because like New York it really doesn't sleep. There is so much to do, see, and eat and a lot of people don't even realize it. 

I can dig it. Why do you think it is important to travel?

It is important to travel to learn and experience not only other cultures and people but ourselves. You learn a lot about yourself and those closest to you when you travel.


Now here comes the key question as part of this Aspire to Inspire Interview: What do you want your legacy to be?

Ooo tough question. Travel wise, I would love my legacy to be that I inspired people to travel. Even if they can't go for more than a few days, they were able to experience something new and get a smattering of life in different places.

Wonderful! Lastly, anything else you would like to add for those who want to travel but aren't sure how to?

So many people ask me how I can travel. I make travel a priority. Rather than always buying new clothes and shoes, I save my money. Rather than eat out all the time, I save my money to eat out when I travel. Anyone can do it, they just have to research and prioritize.

Well, there you have it! Thanks, Holly! I was definitely inspired and found many relatable quotes.

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